Friday, March 18, 2011

Gundoom WIP

This time, i got a lot of picture for you guys... enjoyyy......

 Nothing wrong with the runner...
 Canon and leg unit.

 This kit have a lots and lots of fin funnel, i show it later. 

 The shield is freakin COOL!

 The arm unit looks cool with the extra details.. and this part is hard to panel line.. trust me...
 Shoulder armour.. you can spot the difference already...
The chest and the head is totally diff, and obviously Gundoom looks COOL-ER. 

 Diff rocket thruster..
 you can see the chest of the gundoom is built higher than the nu fighter.
 this is the easy part...

 I painted the logo and i just cant resist to panel line the shield.... i start panel lining it a few hours before the actual build actually.. 

 I dont have any problem fitting this parts togather.

 even more detail underneath the foot. 

 The end for the easy parts, and now, lets go to the hard and challenging part...
 I assemble it wrong due to the "NOT SO GOOD INSTRUCTION" but i manage to get it rite.. 
 Dont you just love the leg??

 As you can see, the nu fighter leg is so "EMPTY" compare to Gundoom.

 The articulation is pretty much the same....

 looks coolllll!!!
 Very,very,very stressful part... the fin funnel.. 

 I hate the fact that the fin funnel don fit tightly... and it always keep on waving around... "Lembik, takda tulang" so, i glue it togather, ang i got some pretty nice result... :D


Compare It.
 obviously, the gundoom look more packed and nicer than the original nu fighter.  
This is the nu fighter... and it looks dull...

This is only the 50% finished, i never update the 100% on any of my WIP, but i am determine to get this done 100%, and show you guys, well, the winner is Gundoom!!!! hahahaha..... like the fact it got more weapons, fin funnel more details and look verry2 bad.... if these two enters a beauty contest, and let people vote, what do you think? leave a comment and responses down below.....

This update and Gunpla(GUNDOOM) is especially dedicated to Japan. 

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